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I’m not so sure, I’d rather start from what is there, understand it and go from there.

Sure, if you start over you may we’ll get there faster but you’ll probably repeats some of the same mistakes all over again.

I think the temptation to "rewrite the whole thing" is often strong with a large legacy project, and often doesn't pan out as well as it seems because while it is effective at eliminating a lot of the cruft and architectural missteps of the legacy codebase, it also means throwing out all of the subtle behaviors and edge-case-handling which has been built up over years of iteration.

I am a proponent of the disposable-code philosophy though: no system should be considered "off limits", and a healthy codebase should probably be completely rewritten every couple of years. It should just be done incrementally, in a modular way in most cases rather than throwing out the whole thing and starting again.

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