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Then either you're a genius who has worked exceptionally hard, or you don't know all that much about most of the items on the list beyond a 'whirlwind tour' type intro.

I don't doubt that someone could touch on most of this stuff, especially in a degree that is heavily specialized to turn out someone exactly like the author or the author's idea of a 'computer science major'. But I'm very sceptical that this enormous list constitutes a reasonable knowledge base for a "computer science major" who is also meant to know some other subjects; we're talking "major", not "quadruple super-specialized CS major". One might even know subjects that aren't just existing as early feed-in service courses for the CS (i.e. the way he discusses physics, maths and statistics).

I certainly can't imagine someone meeting this guys list and uttering the phrase "I majored in CS and biology" or "I majored in CS and economics" or something like that.

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