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Do the math at how many shows have LGBT characters there are, then go look at how many there are in the US. The numbers are hilariously overrepresented. Groups like native Americans on the other hand are sorely underrepresented.

How many conservative white old people are cutting the cord versus the younger tech savvy people? I think that's something that might need to be looked at as well, which might explain the discrepancy. I mean sure there are conservative young people, but they probably aren't watching those shows and are probably watching either other things on Netflix or consuming content elsewhere like Philo with has a lot of "History" Channel conservative bent shows and things like LivePD. The biggest networks in the US are all conservative leaning. I think people are just not used to seeing new content outside the bubble they grew up with. On a sad note, I really miss the days when History Channel had solid history shows instead of the weird mostly garbage factually reality shows they have now.

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