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I totally agree.

I think what really helps is Python has really great documentation. Probably best I've seen in a large community project. Also, the great standard lib (batteries included).

Doesn't help either that Python has a great tutorial at the main project site with loads of examples, and it starts slow. Very helpful for non programmers to get started. Using it to get my 10 year old daughter into programming. I used the same tutorial around the v2.2 days to get accustomed with it. I already had a number of years of programming experience and had the help of knowledgeable coworkers to learn, but it quickly became apparent to me the value of the language.

I actually found out yesterday I'm being partially transferred to my companies quant team to help mentor and develop best practices. I'm really excited about it, given the opportunity to share my knowledge but also absorb knowledge from the; finally learn what all the data Ive been pushing around actually means (and maybe dusting off my rusty math skills from college that ive barely used since).

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