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> Not really. It's obvious that Netflix or any other corporation doesn't care about minorities, gay rights, women, or what have you.

Can you back that up? Since it's "obvious" it should be very easy.

I'm not familiar with Netflix's internal benefits but I am familiar with another big tech company's benefits and they go out of the way to guarantee equal benefits to same sex couples, beyond what the state/federal law provides (which results in the company spending more money out of pocket to provide those benefits so they match what state/federal provides to heterosexual couples). Or how in interviews it's very strongly emphasized to avoid any discussion, question, etc from which one can infer marital status, sexual orientation, parenthood, etc.

That shows to me that the contrary is valid and I suspect Netflix to not be far from that since it competes for the same talent pool in the same geographical location.

Do I really have to back that up?

Corporations go make their products in countries where there are no labor laws, where they make people and even children work 16 hours/day, to make your shoes for 50c and then sell them back to you for $50.

Do they care about minorities? Why don't they open a factory in some depressed area in the States instead of going to China?

Do they care about gay rights? Why don't they denounce/boycott Muslim countries where they have the death penalty for being gay?

Do they care about women? Why do they support factories where women work 16 hours and are regularly harassed?

Companies are pandering to liberal kids with left-wing, progressive ideas because they want their money and they are the demographic most willing to give it to them. In the process, they annoy everyone else—including people who don't care about politics, or don't live with their parents and understand what actual problems people have. Unfortunately I'm in the second group.

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