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From the v1.9 release just a few weeks ago: https://elixir-lang.org/blog/2019/06/24/elixir-v1-9-0-releas...

> As mentioned earlier, releases was the last planned feature for Elixir. We don’t have any major user-facing feature in the works nor planned. I know for certain some will consider this fact the most excing part of this announcement!

> Of course, it does not mean that v1.9 is the last Elixir version. We will continue shipping new releases every 6 months with enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.

That's just an announcement that they reached the end of the list of user-facing syntax changes on their roadmap.


I imagine churn will still happen, except it will be in the library/framework ecosystem around the language (think JavaScript fatigue).

Most Elixir projects have very few dependencies because the Elixir and Erlang stdlibs are very batteries included. You don't typically reach for a dependency unless you need most of its features. Often you will reimplement the parts you need in your own code, except where it's reasonably complicated (pooling, DB connections, ORMs, web frameworks) or tricky to get right (security, password hashing, paxos).

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