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Fargo and Better Call Saul are FX shows, not Netflix Originals

Outside the US they're only available on Netflix and are marketed as "Netflix Originals".

I’m writing from the UK. Netflix handles that here and they schedule the episodes weekly. In Europe they’re Netflix Originals because we don’t have FX or AMC or CBS or whatever, but the new and popular ones don’t get aired until the US has aired. So our fix of, say, Better Call Saul, comes on a Sunday or Monday.

Strange, they must have payed a pretty penny to slap that label on it.

That's true for streaming only, and with a few exceptions.

They do this relabeling a lot for shows where they get exclusive rights in a particular country. For example, a lot of Korean fantasy stuff is released in the US as a "Netflix original".

I replied to half of that already through the other reply to this... in the EU we get Better Call Saul and we get Fargo... but not Legion!

Who wouldn’t want more Noah Hawkley.

I thought Better Call Saul was an AMC show?

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