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About half the country supports reasonable restrictions. Not the nonsense the southern states are pushing. Big difference.

(And for a cite on that: Only 13% support overturning Roe v. Wade. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/07/730183531/poll-majority-want-...)

Polling on these issues is all over the place, but the number of people who support “overturning roe v wade” is a particularly tricky one to quote considering most people don’t understand constitutional law.

Many of the people in that poll who say they support Roe are also saying they want its ruling to be adjusted - which in practice means overturning Roe and replacing it with new controlling precedent. Arguably, Roe was already overturned once by Planned Parenthood v Casey, which replaced the trimester framework with the undue burden standard and allowed several regulations that had been considered unconstitutional under Roe.

Reva Siegel at Yale Law is good on this topic

RBG I believe supports using the privileges and immunities clause instead

I still don't see why any such company would want to take a political side, no matter which side it takes. How is this any beneficial to its users?

The entertainment companies have already explained why: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/30/business/disney-bob-iger-abor...

It will be difficult to hire actors to work in these places.

I believe that about as much as I believed the actors who all said they'd go to Canada if Trump were elected. (they are not in Canada now)

Money talks. Most actors are desperate for money.

It's not as if actors constantly get abortions during filming... I hope.

Actors constantly go to on-location filming in places that don't meet Hollywood standards. They go to countries where women are property and there is a death penalty for willingly receptive gay men. If the actors will go to those places, this is just posturing. It'll all be forgotten when there is a paycheck being offered.

> Actors constantly go to on-location filming in places that don't meet Hollywood standards.

There is no stigma with it. Once an uproar has been created as in the Georgia case, it becomes like supporting apartheid South Africa.

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