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Has the movie roster improved much over the years? I looked at it a few years ago and I could barely find a single movie I wanted to watch.

This is a useful tool for determining if a streaming service has any movies you want to watch:


But no. Netflix's value seems to be in its original shows. So, if they come out with a new season show I'm interested in, such as The Last Kingdom, they can have my subscription for the month. The trend of show seasons becoming progressively worse, a la House of Cards, should be a concern for them.

Disney+ is really going to give them a challenge once it is available.

No. If anything, it's getting worse with all of the other streaming options out there. A while back, I realized that HBO on average had about as many movies I wanted to watch as Netflix, with a total library size that was a fraction of what Netflix was, which made it easier to find something to watch.

I don't really want to know how much time I've spent in my life scrolling through Netflix thinking "meh".

The movie lineup is still as disappointing as it was a few years ago.

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