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I feel like if I buy official parts, they shouldn't require modding to get the max performance out of the product. They should work without issue together. Currently you can barely get moderate performance with the official case.

This article and mod are helpful, even if obvious, for people like me who bought an official case with my RPi4 expecting them to work well together.

But they do work without issue, until you start stressing the CPU. In the majority of normal workloads, you don't run into thermal throttling, especially if not using the official case.

Also, if you have the official case and want to do this mod - for a few bucks more than the cost of two "pi fans" (which run $8 on Amazon), you can get a well designed case with heat sinks and a fan.

I see very little reason to actually do this mod versus buying a properly designed case besides the urge to tinker.

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