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If the Nintendo 64 was entirely passively cooled, surely the Pi can be? Mind Nintendo/SGI had much more surface area to work with so this is probably an unfair comparison.

The Pi 4 is much more powerful than an N64. So much so, it can emulate it in software.

Not in terms of heat output surely?

According to random unsourced claims I just found on an internet forum, which I've decided to trust:

    NES: 9 watts
    Super NES: 10 watts
    Nintendo 64: 19 watts
    GameCube: 39 watts
    Wii: 45 watts
    PlayStation: 17 watts
    Game Boy: 0.7 watts
    Game Boy Advance SP: 1.6 watts
The rasppi 4 is supposedly 4 watts when idle, and under 8 watts when loaded.

(So there is really no question that a machine like this can run with passive cooling, but obviously it's going to be a function of case size and design, as well as heatsink size and design.)

Way to put it into perspective!

The Nintendo 64 has a U shaped piece of aluminum spanning the width of the console that screws through the RF shielding and into heatspreaders on the RDRAM, CPU, and RCP. It's about 2 RasPi's long by itself :P

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