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You can’t just send helicopters and dump water on it?

Not on a fire like this, no. That amount of water all at once would just finish destroying the structure. It also wouldn't be terribly effective, since it can only hit fire that exposed to the sky (which isn't the fire that actually matters... if the fire is visible from above, it has already burned though whatever it is you're trying to save).

Aerial operation would also require evacuating the area completely, which would end all other firefighting operations (so you'd actually be reducing the overall firefighting capacity on scene).

You may or may not be aware, the parent comment you're replying to, is a reference to a certain President's (idiotic, unhelpful, and uninformed) tweet at the time.

Thanks for providing a real explanation though.

As always it's important to /s sarcastic comments online because text does not convey sarcasm well without something like /s or the new cAmEl CaSe which does really well.

Doubly so when meant to mock something that was already unironically said by someone else.

> or the new cAmEl CaSe which does really well.

aT tHe eXpEnSe oF rEaDaBiLiTy

It's when the mocking and sarcasm is more important than the message. A lot of times it's used to just parrot back whatever the person you're mocking said anyways so readability doesn't have to be perfect.


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