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The problem is there are now a number of chips on the board—many of which are too small to pop a heatsink on them—which get crazy hot. If you have the Pi inside any kind of enclosed case, that heat just bakes everything else, even if you have heat sinks.

You could design a copper heat-spreader to pop over the heat-sensitive part(s) of the board, and then apply a heatsink to that. Maybe copper foil would do the job.

Another approach is to just run the Pi submersed in mineral oil, with liquid convection then taking the heat away from the board and shedding it to the surrounding environment. We usually don't run our electronics like this (even though the general approach is widely used for cooling needs of all sorts) because mineral oil is gross and might even impact the endurance of our hardware - but the Pi is tiny and cheap enough to make this a non-issue.

The Pi has connectors on both the long and short edges, so you'll want to be sure everything is plugged in before you dunk it.

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