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Show HN: drag-drop file uploading for the whole web (Firefox/Chrome) (drag2up.appspot.com)
66 points by antimatter15 on Dec 28, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

This looks good.

But what I thought it would do is convert every upload file dialog to one that supports drag-and-drop. So that I don't have to re-navigate folders to select the file to upload.

But instead what it does is upload the file to drag2up.appspot.com, and put a url link to that file in the input box you've dragged the file to.

You can configure it to use other services than the appspot site -- Dropbox, Cloudapp, imgur, Imm.io, Imageshack, Flickr, Picasa, Github Gist, Pastebin.com, Mysticpaste, Chemical servers, Dafk and Hotfile.

Pretty good article at http://techcrunch.com/2010/12/29/drag2u/.

Cool, though when HTML5 drop-from-desktop is completely and consistently implemented, this sort of functionality won't even require an extension.

Maybe I'm missing something but why exactly does this app need your browsing history?

It doesn't. And doesn't even have the permission to access your browsing history, but for some reason Google thinks it does. From the manifest file: https://github.com/antimatter15/drag2up/blob/master/manifest...

"permissions": ["* ://* /","tabs","contextMenus", "unlimitedStorage","notifications"]

The first one is permission to communicate with arbitrary servers in order to download URLs and upload files. Tabs is used to interact with OAuth-powered hosts better. The rest just leaves room for future additions (reuploading images from a context menu, storing a cache of uploaded files, notifications for completed uploads, etc.). It doesn't request for permission to access history, and I have no idea why the Chrome web store says that that's a required permission.

Absolutely amazing! Bad that I can't use CloudApp and DropBox on Chrome 8!

Sadly, Dropbox won't work anyway because they haven't approved my API key for "Production" status. It's been "In Review" for over a week now. And https://www.dropbox.com/developers/announcements says "At this time, only mobile apps that run natively on the device are being approved."

It just got approved! Yay!

Has anyone installed this? First impressions?


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