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Alice's ephemeral private key must be kept as long as the whole handshake. Bob's is a bit shorter (between the last two messages).

If the messages are slow to come, those ephemeral keys become less and less ephemeral, and could actually be stolen.

That is exactly correct. As I'm sure you know, it is Alice that retains her DH key not the email server or anyone else. As I said:

> If your security model relies on this difference then your security model is broken. It’s worth noting that Signal does NOT rely on this difference. It relies on participants being mostly online to permit frequent rekeys and not having to retain old keys indefinitely.

Signal does not depend on TCP being "bidirectional" as lvh said, it depends on participants being mostly online. This has nothing to do with the transport properties of e-mail vs. TCP.

“Bidirectional”. So peers can mostly talk to each other. Do you really want to die on that particular semantic hill? “These Ethernet frames have source and destination addresses eventually”?

> Do you really want to die on that particular semantic hill?

Sure. The world of cryptography software is already muddled by misinformation, poor practices and misguided appeals to authority. We shouldn't need to spread misinformation about technologies such as e-mail to get people to stop using it.

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