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Attic nave sacristy is a location

But the nave doesn't have a sacristy, and the sacristy doesn't have a nave.

Sacristy seems to give the location of where in the nave, which considering that the cathedral is cardinally aligned, is a rather poor choice.

"Attic nave south" would have been a perfect description.

It really meant something more like "the part of the cathedral complex containing the cathedral's nave, the cathedral's attic, and the sacristy building".

The real problem was that both the main cathedral and the sacristy (a separate building adjacent to the cathedral) had attics; either the security employee got confused and told the cathedral guard to check the sacristy's attic, or the guard got confused and decided to do that.

Perfect unless the guard didn't know which way was south and went to the wrong place. Then maybe the HN elites would be saying, "why not use the location of something unambiguous instead of 'south', like the sacristy building" ;-)

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