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> Sadly I'm not that good point 1

It gets better each time you do it. Taking a class in public speaking helps a lot. I've seen engineers stand with their back to the audience and mumble - it's not hard to do better than that.

> And I've spent far too much of my time in my last project explaining double entry bookkeeping to coworkers to little effect. I had to watch has they re-invented the wheel.

Yah, reinventing that is certainly cringe-worthy.

I took a 2 week class in it at the local community college one summer. It's paid off well for me ever since. A very high return on time invested.

The other huge ROI for me was I took a 2 week summer school in 8th grade on touch typing. Considering how much typing I've done since, that had a heluva huge return.

I sometimes shake my head in astonishment at professional programmers hunt-peck with just their forefingers as they resolutely refuse to learn touch typing. What a waste of time.

BTW, I've looked for a voice coach to improve my public speaking. All I could find was people who'd teach singing. Sigh. Most people could enunciate better, and that makes it easier for your audience to understand you and hence they're more likely to pay attention.

It's especially important in the modern world where a large part of your audience will be non-native English speakers.

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