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Yes, but the author mentions a lot of other stuff - I think the OP of this comment was just trying to trim out some superfluous topics.

GP of comment says:

> I learned most of the topics mentioned in this document while in school, and although they are all valid, they are not enough for real world needs.

Emphasis is mine. I do not know how to interpret the emphasized part except as an indication that GP thinks OP skipped the listed topics. I was simply pointing out the overlap between GP's additions and OP's original list.

Who is to say that a particular topic is superfluous though - I did a maths heavy CS degree and that has helped a lot with subsequent work in engineering and finance.

Because the article's title specifically states that every CS major should know those topics. Should every CS major know formal methods, AI, robotics... ?

Yes the heavy math you took was very helpful (and I personally agree as someone who did a CS heavy math degree), however as stated above the list should really be a minimum requirement. Anything extra is superfluous.

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