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This is tangential, but HOW, HOW, HOW does someone have the time to do all this stuff? http://matt.might.net/materials/matthew-might-cv.pdf

I'd love to see a timeline of how some of these super-productive academics are able to fit so many activities into their lives. I doubt I've done 1/10th of what Matt has done in the same amount of time. (And all this while researching, publicizing, and treating his son's rare genetic disorder, in an entirely separate field from the one he got his PhD in: http://matt.might.net/articles/my-sons-killer/)

Related: should I also be including my Twitter and Google+ followers in my CV?

Do you have a lot of them?

Afraid not. :'(

What stuff? If you mean publish a lot of papers, quantity doesn’t mean much.

The work that Matt does seems quite impactful, however: http://matt.might.net/articles/tenure/

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