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Not had trouble finding work this way for 16 years. I do think it is interesting that things can change - black swans and all that. I don't feel that afraid as I managed to get a job as a grad after the .com bust. Unless computing goes out of fashion? Or get really easy to program.

Your last job, how did you get it? Literally didn’t involve any precious coworkers?

No, it was advertised on LinkedIn. Coworkers only required for references.

So you only used a site dedicated to your online network for the first contact and your in person network for the final conversion.

Seems like networks had nothing to do with your job to me...

>So you only used ...

Nope I used more than one job search method.

It was Advertised. They paid for an advert. To be advertised to strangers.

It might as well have been a Facebook ad or a Google search ad, for all that networks had to do with it.

> Your in person network for the final conversion

Yes references. That's a bit different though.

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