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In the US universities I’ve attended, it’s a senior level mathematics major course. Second semester freshman calculus will teach you similar material in a much more glossed over fashion and apply it to very simple examples.

Yeah, I would be surprised to see an actual Real Analysis course in an undergrad engineering curriculum. All of the Calculus courses, ODEs, and LA for sure. And these will lightly touch on all the topics listed on the real analysis Wikipedia page.

But a course actually bearing the name "Real Analysis" is typically a 300 or 400 level course, rigorously proof-based, and not needed by an undergrad engineer.

Matt brought up RA in the context of "speak the same language". In that context, freshman calc ticks the box.

His standards are high, but fair.

There’s no reason to call it RA as no one including almost all the engineers took that class. They’ll just call it all calculus

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