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A small point on your portfolio:

Your portfolio should show products rather than projects. Not everything needs to be complete, but you should be able to show that it does something.

Ideally, your resume is linking straight to a live demo, and that page links back to the repository. Besides the fact that many devs will be too busy/lazy to read your source, everyone will be more impressed and interested in an actual thing they can play with.

If you wrote a library that doesn't do much by itself, at least give it a README and documentation, and publish it to a repository. I'd rather see a link to a package repository than a git repo. (And, of course, fill in the metadata so I can get back to your git repo.)

(And, really, if you set up a lambda in AWS running your library, your page can just have some input fields and a button to call the functions and show what your code does.)

The point of all this is to take the time to put in some extra polish that shows that you not only have ideas, but execute on them.

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