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Students at good programs will check all the technical boxes just by attending required classes. Those schools tend to also have enough project based courses and career prep coaching that the portfolio box is also checked.

The intersection of that and communication skills is rarer, but it happens often enough, especially for people who pick up a second major in the humanities or did a lot of public speaking prior to/during college. Again, not the average case, but not terribly uncommon.

Could you point me to the website of a school which makes you check all the boxes just by attending?

Mine[0] did the vast majority of them.

[0] https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/CUR_GERAL.CUR_PLANOS_ESTUDOS_V...

Cool! That looked like an extensive program. I studied at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and my partially self-chosen courses covered most of it too.

I think we may differ on what we mean by "should". I don't (really) doubt that it's possible and valuable to learn all of this in university (forgive my use of hyperbole in the original comment). But I don't think it's necessary for most people with a major/master's degree in CS to do so.

The ideal and the necessary should not be confused.

Oh I completely agree with you. Most are "nice-to-haves" but in no way necessary.

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