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Just to add on Apple using OSM, Apple actually uses a mixture of its own data, OSM, TomTom, and other geodata brokers. However from what I understand, Apple maps uses the others as a fallback when its own data doesn't cover a specific area (TomTom more than the others) and as Apple has been building up its own data, it will use the other sources less and less. Building up their own data has been a relatively recent endeavor though and it will probably take awhile before those other sources are rarely relied upon or dropped altogether.

Apple does make some contributions back to OSM though for submitted corrections in areas that use OSM as a fallback, IIRC. Apple Maps unfortunately doesn't do a great job of mixing those results though and only uses them as "fallbacks". It's why some areas have poorer quality even compared to OSM (such as Germany mentioned in another comment) because they're strictly using their own data instead of using OSM, et al. to fill in the gaps.

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