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Same as you - been using it for years. In Southern California, its just as good as Google Maps, and the updated version is miles ahead when it comes to actual map details. Google Maps looks spartan compared to the Apple version these days.

Also in SoCal and I've noticed Google Maps has really regressed, I've gotten a ton of "faster route available" prompts that lead to significantly slower routes when on the 405 and 10.

I was once stuck in a "Faster route available" infinite loop in GMaps near some small town outside of Houston. At an intersection, my original route was to continue straight, but the "faster route" prompt redirected me to turn right. After turning right, a "faster route" prompt redirected me to make a u-turn. After returning to the intersection, it again suggested the direction I had just come from.

On my last cross-country road trip (~1 month ago) Google maps would regularly suggest "faster routes" that were just "turn left off the state highway onto a gravel road, after 1 mile turn right onto a different gravel road, drive 3 miles parallel to the state highway and then turn right again to rejoin the highway". I was seeing these suggestions every ~20-30 miles. It was annoying enough to finally prompt me to fully adopt OSM.

Is anyone aware of a setting/workaround to use OSM in DDG instead of apple maps? I would rather provide my free labor to an open project, and I'm most likely to submit corrections when I notice them from a search.

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