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How does this story apply? Turing has no life to live whether he is on the notes or not, and somebody will be put on them.

It would have been better for Turing if the government left him alone instead of chemically castrating him and driving him to suicide, then venerating him.

You do realize it’s a completely different government? Indeed, it’s a completely different population - the castrators are quite dead.

Unless inherited guilt is your thing.

It's not about guilt or justice. That's not the point. But, of course, you're wrong. It's not a "completely different government", unless you think you're a completely different person because most of the atoms in your body have been replaced by now since your birth.

I think he means that it is a completely different government, not because just the people it has changed, but because the ideals and morals it represents are completely different. And the people it represents are completely different. And the methods it uses are completely different. And the land it represents are completely different. And so forth. I don't know how much have to change in order for it to be a different government, but I would say that the last 60 years have completely changed it.

I would also prefer it if you would write down a bit more on why you are disagreeing with the first point and not just that you disagree, it doesn't seem very productive to me.

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