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Its a lovely article, I much enjoyed reading it. I now think of it as part of a long list of scattered around publications that tried to describe the same process. Each with their own flower bed of opinions I don´t agree with and soiled with technical misconceptions.

Having red a good number of patents and an interest in the innovation process I had to giggle a bit how the 100 year old design was described as THE bicycle. As if we've reached the final destination. Iḿ sure they thought the same about the bone breaker and the face smasher designs long after better ones were made.

We use to have a local bicycle shop ran by a guy who financially really didn't need to, it was his passion (and rumor had it it that he did it to get away from his wife.) I went there one day to ask him why he only sold normal bikes, you have a huge store but all the bikes are pretty much the same? He explained that he use to have 1 or 2 special designs but that people looking to buy a bicycle changed their behavior from circling the shop 2 or 3 times then buying something to making half a lap then standing there gazing at that "weird" bike for a minute... and then they just left! He apparently put a good bit of thought into it since the loss of sales didn't bother him. His eventual decision was that he didn't want to disrupt peoples train of thought. They are here to look for a new bike, I should facilitate that to the best of my abilities.

Most bicycle mods or improvements are not useful but they are all weird to people. I invented 2 myself that increase efficiency and the quality of the work out by a truly unbelievable amount. The process was wonderful, I made rusty old clunkers that felt like high end bikes. While there was some encouragement from cycling enthusiasts I didn't care much for other peoples opinions, the manufacturing and marketing was already boring to me but the moaning was truly something else. The funniest part was when I left a rusty old test bike parked among hundreds of other bikes, something I never did, then someone let the air out of both tires. It was poetry to me, I wasn't even mad. How dare I have something weird on my bike.

more on the normality enforcement: https://bicycles.stackexchange.com/questions/59406/why-are-r...

Would love to hear more about your mods! Have any photos? Just curious as a layman who rides one nearly every day.

If I ever chose to do something commercial it will be a race against the replicators. Ideally they only take notice when a concept takes off. You could even get the patents?

Not to offend you at all but its an interesting cultural phenomenon to just ask for the fruits of ones labor when it comes to innovation. If you would bring a large bag of money to the conversation I would still be reluctant to share. I'm not at all sure what role I could play in manufacturing.

It sort of reveals what happens with most inventions from raw to polished. I probably wont produce or share anything. There must be millions of iterations of this formula ranging from not very good to stuff that blows the mind. All taken to the grave.

I suppose the inventor catch 22 joke is that one could potentially make a lot of money with ideas if one had the funds to gamble. Inventors are of course dreamers so don't expect anything to happen. We are all missing out on much more than we could possibly imagine.

In all fairness, if you look at what is out there my ideas do not make for a much better vehicle. If you simply add an aerodynamic body to a recumbent bicycle then put some electrical assist on it there is very little need for further efficiency.

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