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> Feels like you're assigning probabilities out of thin air.

True, I did not run a probability study; however if one looks at the control that computers have on every facet of your existence and how often they fail--I'm pretty the odds would scare the fuck out of you.

> Not to mention there was nearly modern civilization before electronics were invented that we could fall back to.

You going down to the stream to fetch water when it no longer flows from your faucet?

> like every single piece of critical hardware in all major cities would somehow have to fail

Viruses could do it. People panic. Could you live a week without food or power? Please, I remember when Hurricane Sandy hit here in NY... it would not take much to turn society on its ear. Of course, I'm sure your right--after all Y2K never happened, and I mean who could foresee in 1983 that the future would actually be here in 17 LONG, LONG years.

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