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> Just because user X can't create a new product does not mean that we should place sanctions on company Y. (…) in this post you just illogically connect a bunch of dots.

That is an insane extrapolation, and the reason I don’t want to continue the conversation with you: you’re answering points I’m not making. I haven’t even hinted at sanctions; I have no idea where you’re getting that from.

> But a fact is still no one is forcing you to use these products

And I don’t use them. I hoped that by continuing to mention non-technical users you’d get it, but this was never about me. You keep bringing up that argument, but read what you replied to in the first post — I recounted the experience of non-technical people I know, not my experience. Stop telling me I have a choice; the point is not us, it’s non-technical users who don’t have the knowledge to make informed choices!

> That sounds like a rationality of a completely one-sided biased individual in itself, respectfully.

Believe what you want. I just don’t want to keep wasting my night arguing with someone that started a discussion but refuses to address the points originally made. Why reply, then?

Maybe I’m not explaining myself well enough, or in the correct way for you to understand, or maybe you’re the one not grasping what I mean. It doesn’t really matter where the problem lies, just that it’s clearly not working.

Maybe if we ever meet in person we can resume this conversation, but tonight it’s not being productive, so I genuinely wish you a good week and sign out here.

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