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Actually the omnibox made it really easy to switch to ddg. With an occasional fallback to google.

I have no problem with advertising etc. but the tracking and selling of data is such an idiotic thing. We as consumers should have a global internet-law, and be reimbursed for data leaks or usage outside the scope of the application.

By no problem with ads I mean the original ads of google. Very clear they were ads and not intermingled with the results. Scrolling down for the results is nuts. I will click ads if they’re relevant, regardless of if they’re on the right or in the results. So please stop supporting this fraud against advertisers.

I think that the "fallback to Google" might actually tend to diminish consumer confidence in DDG. Every time you use it, you basically say to yourself "$newRiskyStrategy fails sometimes, we still need $oldReliableStrategy".

Instead, what might help DDG is a plugin that detects when you go past the first or second page of Google search results, and suggests that you might get better results on DDG. It's a little intrusive, but the mental nudge becomes "$oldReliableStrategy has flaws, try $newRiskyStrategy". You get a positive emotional interaction with DDG rather than "forcing" yourself to use it all of the time and "failing back" to Google.

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