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I hope it's no strings attached.

You can read more about Epic's MegaGrants here:


It doesn't look like it has many (any?) strings. Aside from being split over three years in Blender's case.

It is worth considering that this is in Epic's best interests as Blender + Unreal Engine is a common platform for startups/indie devs.

Making Blender better may make the games that people develop using Unreal Engine better, which might mean higher license income for Epic. So it is a win for Epic and a win for Blender/the community.

We received a devgrsnt for our video game about two years back. The grants are super no strings attached. Epic is by far the nicest organization to work with in the video game industry. Yet that was even before the Fortnite money.

Me too, but I suspect at worst it would be like "and make sure to develop and refine the export to UE4 functionality," which is something the community benefits from anyway.

Let's pretend that's explicitly the case. Is there something inherently wrong with that? How many open source software developers would love it if instead of "please implement x feature" it ends with "...and here's $1.2 million to finance the development of it" at the end?

End users get new features they may actually use, massive OSS gets funding. Win-win for all parties.

Nothing wrong with that at all. I meant the "at worst" to carry an implicit "and there's nothing wrong with that, so it's nothing but a good thing."

What about something like. Please don't implement that feature that benefits our competitors.

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