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Show HN: The Climate Fixathon- Online hackathon for makers to fix the climate
10 points by jpaulet on July 15, 2019 | hide | past | favorite
The Climate Fixathon (https://fixathon.io/) is a 4-week online hackathon for individuals or teams to use their tech skills to launch a website, app or service intended to help restore a safe climate for our planet. It runs from 2nd-30th August with a prize value of $10k+.


️ Awareness - Most likely to raise awareness of climate breakdown. Action - Most likely to help people take action against climate breakdown. ️ Facilitation - Most likely to make climate breakdown related tech projects easier to create in the future.


Our 3 winning team will each receive $1,500 cash to spend. Free Egghead.io licenses Free Sketch licenses Free Kirby licenses Free Drawkit illustrations 100 trees planted by Offset Earth

Our 3 runner ups will each get $300 cash to spend. 25 trees planted by Offset Earth

We hope that given this opportunity, we’ll get to see hundreds of techies from around the world using their skills to help fix the climate. We can't wait to see what they make :D

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