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>20 years of experience fighting SEO spam

I think we've reached an equilibrium state on this that has significantly degraded the educational quality of search engine results.

The total garbage SEO spam we used to get is gone, which is nice, but what it's been replaced with is technically relevant but mostly manipulative advertising. Product searches will basically give you a bunch of no-name blogs who are almost definitely paid off by one vendor or another.

Even actual inquiries are inundated with search results that do answer the question, but do so in extremely cursory and incomplete way. Or, in the case of recipes, Google seems to prioritize results that give you long, meandering narratives before they actually talk about their recipes. It has some very weird ideas about what people actually want when they search.

One of the most annoying things is how impossible it is to actually find the website of a local business, especially a restaurant, by Googling. Your hits are always Googles' own cobbled together dossier on the restaurant first, then some combination of Yelp, Grubhub, Postmates, AllMenus, etc. pages. If the restaurant has a website you can't tell and it's probably way on the bottom or on a second page of results.

In the past it was a handful of very decent results amidst a sea of total garbage SEO spam. Now it's a sea of mediocre content farm stuff, but it ranged from difficult to impossible to actually dig into detail on things anymore. The old spam we could at least dismiss as crap within a fraction of a second of seeing it. The new spam you have to actually read most of it before you realize it doesn't have what you're looking for.

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