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Isn’t this unusual for British tradition? If I understood correctly, the bank notes are issued under the authority and guarantee of monarch which is why they carry her picture. This applies to any country which has also accepted her as their queen as well (Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc). It is being said that the queen doesn’t carry passport or banknotes because both are issues under her name. So there is big symbolism there which will be gone?

The Queen is on the other side of the note.

As others have mentioned, it's quite normal to have the queen on the front of the note, and some other historical figure on the back. As far as i can tell, this started in 1970, with a £20 note with William Shakespeare on it:


It really isn't that unusual. The five pound note for example has Churchill on one side and the Queen on the other.

It’s said she carries cash. She gives money to the collection plate at Sandringhams church at Christmas.

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