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Everything I know as a software developer without a degree (taniarascia.com)
14 points by bluedino 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

This person is really smart and makes quality products. But something feels off. They've written multiple frameworks 'in their spare time'.

Like, how many people, even with degrees, have enough spare time to write their own frameworks or just take a sabbatical to hang out in Europe for a few months?

Really happy this person exists and is writing quality code and making tech better but not sure if this is a standard just anyone can really broach?

Feels like this person has alternate sources of funding from somewhere. I could be wrong, but from my experiences in tech, you barely have any free time in general, or maybe I'm just working the wrong jobs. :)

I've taken the past year off to live on my savings and build a new saas, data as a service platform, it's possible and people do it all the time. You have to save money, then take the time off.

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