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I did a search earlier today on Google for "north face glacier" - turns out that the company North Face has a Glacier product so as far as I can tell that's all the search results contain.

Searching for "north face glaciation" did help as the first page of search results did have one entry on the topic I was actually searching on!

Maybe they should have a "I'm not buying anything" flag!

This has been the problem with results for the past few years. E-commerce gets priority in all things and you have to wade through pages of useless links if you want actual content about what you are searching for.

Big brands have the ad budget to advertise. That drives awareness. If they have offline stores, those can be thought of as both destinations AND interactive billboards which drive further brand awareness and demand for branded searches.

Many of the top search queries are navigational searches for brands.

And so if tons of people are searching for your brand then if there is a potentially related query that contains the brand term & some other stuff then they'll likely return at least a result or two from the core brand just in case it was what you were looking for.

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