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I find travelling to Germany a nightmare for cash.

In the U.K. it’s almost at the point of being cashless - indeed I ate at a restaurant on Saturday night which didn’t accept cash.

In Germany it’s like going back to the UK in the early 90s in that regard. Charges to withdraw money from ATMs, the newly built canteen at the office of a large experiment doesn’t accept card, but also wouldn’t take a €50, which was also what the ATM gave me!

I live in Germany and the problem is, people (cashiers) still haven't understood that they don't have to pay a minimum fixed amount (like €2) to the bank, like you have to do with Visa. That's why shops require you purchase stuff for usually at least €10 or look at you weirdly if you want to pay by card for a €2 hamburger at McDonalds. Which of course makes no sense, because they have to pay a percentage, not a fixed amount.

It's frustrating.

(Paying a fixed amount to the bank was a thing in Germany like 10 or 20 years ago.)

> I find travelling to Germany a nightmare for cash.

Can't be said enough, cash is king in Germany. Go north or east (Poland not so much but Lithuania+) and cash is only useful for tips.

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