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1x.engineer (1x.engineer)
69 points by dcu 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

    Writes code that others can read.
    Reads the Docs.
    Updates the Docs.
Hey, if you can do that, you are already more than a 1x engineer. I'd say you are at least 1.5x. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Writes tedious, multiplicative code and never stops to reflect on opportunities to express things more efficiently.

- Writes docs littered with misused buzzwords (especially "leverage" and "platform") that are at best useless, and more often actively misleading.

- When not sure what to do, muddles through with the first nightmarish idea to come to mind, rather than taking a step back and trying to simplify or seeking prior art. No aesthetic sensibility, no innate revulsion to garbage code.

- Has no sense of how long things should take, and no problem spinning for 3 weeks on a half-day task they're delegated.

- Approves train-wreck pull requests.

- Executes every CR suggestion, even those that make things worse.

- Attempts a bad deploy 3 or 4 times before wondering why they are hitting the auto-rollback trigger; assumes something is wrong with the deployment system.

- After 30 seconds of shallow thought, writes off any production issue they're asked to debug (including emergency pages) as "must be network" or "must be database" and fires off a vague bug report to sit in somebody's queue for 6 months before being closed for insufficient detail while the fire continues to burn.

- Gracefully acknowledges design feedback, but goes with their original plan anyways. Or more likely, built the thing weeks before soliciting design approval and won't go back to change it.

- Very interested in getting promoted; not at all interested in technical depth, novelty, or quality.

Sounds like a 0.1x engineer.

Sorry, what are you enumerating/describing?

Opinions on a coworker they look down on, most likely.

The baseline behavior, above which anything is ">1x."

I've definitely been guilty of the things on this list many times. I really appreciate this list and will try to reflect on it since it could help me catch myself in the act and take the right course of action instead.Thanks!

Context for anyone who missed the original thread on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skirani/status/1149302828420067328

Wait, this must be a troll, right? Please somebody tell me it's trolling.

> 10x engineers laptop screen background color is typically black (they always change defaults).


they also wear all black, and use at least two keyboards simultaneously to hack twice as fast.

Legend has it that the 10x engineer is a distinguished engineer and Turing Award laurette that uses 6+ monitors simultaneously at home/work, solves team blockers on the first meeting (Hence why they hate meetings), writes ground breaking research papers in their sleep and also hacks on the Linux kernel in their spare time. /s

Now if we could try to hire this person in a startup, how much compensation should we give them to stop going else where?

More than your first seed round. /s

This set of sarcastic replies is absolutely hilarious (best read after the original tweet dump): https://twitter.com/mike_conley/status/1149845391153737728

The 10x engineer exists. What do they do differently? They have 10 times the average impact on the organization around them.

We got over measuring lines of code a long time ago. We should measure impact on the people around you and the culture you create.

This list looks a lot like 10x stuff to me.

The only real 10x engineers I have met are people that motivate others to work much more efficiently. I know many ~4x engineers, and a lot more 0.4x engineers. A 10x engineer is somebody that can make a 0.4x engineer perform like a 0.9x engineer.

What is the unit of "impact?" What is the unit of "impact x time?"

How many units does an average engineer ... emit? I presume a 10x engineer will emit 10 times those units?

The unit is the x. Please don't try to understand and measure it like an engineer. This is software.

A very similar unit to ‘G’ used to measure how badass a mobile network is. eg AT&T’s 5G service

that must be why the 'x' key is worn out?

Why doesn't anyone talk about compensation? Does 10x engineer gets paid 10x as well? Or taking 1x compensation is another feature of the 10x engineer?

What's with the sudden 10x engineer craze? Been seeing posts like that everywhere today, did I miss something?

The ability to create useful software is a complex, dynamic set of skills that that varies across people and across time. It isn't easily assessed through a short list of simple characteristics. It can be somewhat assessed, with difficulty and mixed results.

Yay, we can all go home now.

That was one of the funnier things I saw on Twitter recently.

Does a 10x manager make all his 1x engineers 10x engineers?

all properties of 10x.

10x has a couple of additional properties.

"magically" make the right architectural decisions, such that the project doesn't need a rewrite, when new requirements "appear".

use time effectively.

retain details about work around, land-mines, technical+functional/biz+ops requirements, frameworks in-use,

picks up new tech if required, removes tech if required...

talks to the right people to talk to about the right topics

try to stay out of politics but not disregard it...

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