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I think it's worth noting that up until 2010 C++11 was known as C++0x. Everyone knew it was coming. You could get a good idea of what it was going to contain by looking at things like Boost. C++03 wasn't some abnormally stable version, it just took a longer than expected time to write the standard for C++11.

Yes I remember. Also, by the time c++0x seemed "right around the corner" for several years, a lot of the library features like smart pointers were already common practice, the standard just, well, standardized them.

It was possible and common to have pretty "modern" styles in c++03, you'd just have to do without lamdbas etc. and be using less of the 'std' namespace.

Strong disagree.

The nonsense needed for "variadic" templates in C++03 isn't "just do without lambdas". You basically have to walk on eggshells to get the equivalent of unique_ptr. Not having to type std::vector<SomeTypeName, WhateverBuffer>::const_iterator changes the way you write code, too.

The stronger guarantees on copy elision lets you skip return by reference nonsense more aggressively.

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