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DRM does not work. Not really anyway.

The games industry struggled with high piracy rates for decades and Steam changed that - not because of Steam's relatively lax DRM, but because Steam itself was more convenient & easier than piracy.

Ever since Origin, Epic Games store, etc.. have started to compete with Steam, piracy rates have started increasing again for the first time in decades. People want to buy things on the platforms they choose, if you don't let them do that they'll pirate content.

This increased fragmentation is starting to hurt the streaming industry too. Just look at how angry people are at Netflix's library being so lackluster nowadays.

I believe the true solution for everybody getting paid is to relax the copyright laws, so content can't be crippled and tied to one service. Not invasive solutions like DRM - those only drive people to more piracy.

I don't particularly disagree with you. But the article doesn't mention DRM, the thing I initially replied to doesn't either and I'm having a lot of trouble understanding why you are suddenly going on about DRM as if I made some kind of pro DRM statement that desperately needs to be shot down.

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