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Netflix is such a sell-out. First the ISPs, now the MPAA.

How does Netflix joining MPAA make them a sell out? Do you mean as a tech company? I'm honestly curious. I think this buys them (literally) legitimacy in Hollywood and enables them to get MPAA to lobby on their behalf. Whether I think it's good or bad is a different case

Isn't selling out literally what every company in the world strives to do?

Most companies that intend to go public maybe. Private ownership and pride in what you sell does still exist in America, just takes more looking. Patagonia for example just made a decision not to support the VC vest culture any more than it already was. I've got a chain of local hardware stores that are still family owned nearby. There's tons of real Amish furniture companies that aren't looking to sell out. Just because it's the common way didn't mean it's the only or best way.

Although, to hear my friend tell it, Patagonia is still a massive military supplier. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it does seem to run a bit counter to their uber eco friendly branding.

This seems to back that claim: http://soldiersystems.net/tag/patagonia/

They make good products and the military needs good products. I'd much rather they support the military that's generally trying to do the right thing than people trying just to make money.

First the investors?

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