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I'd never heard of him. He's done a lot of interesting stuff, mostly in high performance computing. From his personal page:

"Gustafson has recently finished writing a book, The End of Error: Unum Computing, that presents a new approach to computer arithmetic: the unum. The universal number, or unum format, encompasses all IEEE floating-point formats as well as fixed-point and exact integer arithmetic. This approach obtains more accurate answers than floating-point arithmetic yet uses fewer bits in many cases, saving memory, bandwidth, energy, and power."

Has anybody read it?


Among other things he is famous for what came to be called Gustafson’s law:


“Speedup should be measured by scaling the problem to the number of processors, not fixing problem size”

I only heard of him recently and just went through his presentation about Unums, available on his page. Great stuff, highly recommended.


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