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Where does your quote say that the bet is a value-bet? I read it as saying that the bot learned to bluff (not value bet) by betting when it has a weak hand (I.e. The bot has a weak hand, so it's getting better hands to fold by betting). The phrase "value bet"was not used.

(This, in addition to what the other comments have said about there being spots where a bet can get better hands to fold with some probability AND get worse hands to call with some probability - see the chapter "The grey area between value betting and bluffing" in Applications of No Limit Hold Em)

"At the end of the day, bluffing is simply betting when you have a weak hand."

I was the one who introduced the term "value betting" to the conversation, applied specifically to weak hands.

I mean, unless only those who interpret it wrong would respond, then I must be the one reading it wrong. Because these responses aren't lining up with how I read it or what I meant.

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