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Have you ever looked into Pratt parsing? That was the “aha” moment for me, as everything prior to learning those was so incredibly opaque (especially the yacc/lex awkward DSLs and precedence stuff).

Good intro: http://journal.stuffwithstuff.com/2011/03/19/pratt-parsers-e...

Project I made using a Pratt parser, effectively 0 dependencies (for the interesting bits at least): https://github.com/JacksonKearl/RollDice-Discord

Check the “parse.ts” for how simple the Pratt implementation is, “calculator-bot.ts” for how easy it is to define a simple language with infix operators and precedence and etc, and “dice-bot.ts” and “dice-expression.ts” for a complete implementation of an actually “interesting” language. The “tokenize.ts” file has the tokenizer, but it’s incredibly sketchy. Enter at your own risk. ;)

Edit: the Readme is a bit outdated. Proper order of operations is implemented

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