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We usually forget the purpose of scripting languages.

Main purpose of them is to be a glue between native calls: take output of one native function and pass it as input to other. So instead of writing ray-tracer in JS you should write it as a native function (not even in webasm).

In my Sciter (https://sciter.com) I had the similar dilemma:

Either to use a) some compileable language (of V8 with JIT) or to use b) something small but to provide easy ways to extend script by custom native functions.

I've chosen b) and so the engine that does HTML/CSS and scripting is 6 times more compact than just only V8 binaries. For an embeddable engine that is clearly better.

For browsers, where running JS and no real ways for native code execution... they MUST have V8 and the like. That also leads to Electron problems... browser engines are simply not suitable to be used as embeddable UI engines, by design.

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