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[Warning cynical and bitter post below]

Ah, Youtubers. I am not sure what's more tragic about them; making hyperbolic or fake events to attract viewers.

Or allowing viewers a "no-bars" tour around their personal lives and sometimes their own heads.

Or is the real tragedy the viewers, who binge vicariously into these empty vessels. Relishing in the rise, peak and eventual fall from fame of these online stars, with all the emotions and vulnerability put on for display.

Then for this audience to move onto the next piece of entertainment?

The worst part is the propagation that Youtubing is a legitimite vocation / lifestyle. It's almost as bad as these other fake lifestyles:

* Travel Bloggers, desecrating and ignoring local customs for the entertainment of readers.

* Forex / Bitcoin millionaires (Buy my eBook).

* The mum that makes £50,000 a week from doing online surveys.

* ASMR escorts

* Instagram influencers, prostituting themselves literally or metaphorically to businesses / media / rich saudi princes

To read more like this, please check out my blog, so I can live out my dream of being a digital nomad and pose with my expensive Macbook in a third world country...


How much of this is just disintermediated "reality" television, though? It used to be the case that only very few people could become celebrities, and this was mediated by the existing power brokers. Now people can become a TV star directly without having to go through the TV. Long hours are still required, but this is fundamentally a competition: you'll be beaten by someone putting in more hours. The real curse of full commoditisation of time and life.

The difficult bit is trying to untangle whether the audience's participation in it is just entertainment, or takes on unhealthy aspects of boundary crossing, addiction, or delusions of closeness.

> Forex / Bitcoin millionaires (Buy my eBook).

Popular financial frauds have a centuries-long history.

Although I believe that the amount of effort put in will also provide an amount returned, this isnt always the case, and moreso in this type of "showbiz" career. It also doesnt help that by lowering the bar in this field, you yield better results (see early pewdiepie, belle delphine) it provides better results with a fraction of the effort.

There's definitely a vicious cycle of outrage and controversy inflation that pushes people to become fascists simply because that's what gets clicks. They then try to say they didn't mean it, but that has the problem that they sold their entire channel on the basis of "authenticity".

Similarly the demand for sex work appears insatiable, especially if it can successfully pretend not to be. Someone mentioned Jennicam, which may have been broadcasting before Belle Delphine was even born.

Only external braking factors can reduce this. The thing that stops youtubers from going all the way up to snuff films for the clickbait is the moderation and risk of getting banned. Something to think about for those that think it should just be an entirely neutral platform.

Youtube, by paying these people, has been the invisible hand that's called them into this role.

> The difficult bit is trying to untangle whether the audience's participation in it is just entertainment, or takes on unhealthy aspects of boundary crossing, addiction, or delusions of closeness.

Why is that even a concern? Would you be just as concerned if it was about veritasium or eevblog channels?

> Would you be just as concerned if it was about veritasium or eevblog channels?

I don't know, do fans of those exhibit fan behaviours that might be considered boundary crossing, addiction, or delusions?

As a frequent traveler who very much shares your cynicism on the aforementioned, I've used that negativity to motivate me to work on a blog specifically against disrespectful, mindless, and destructive behavior while traveling internationally. Not that it offsets the damage done by these "influencers", especially since their attention dwarfs content like mine, but hopefully more of us can utilize these negative feelings to contribute more meaningful and responsible content to the digital landscape. wanderandponder.com

Is the tragedy for viewers any worse than binge watching tv which was more common before youtube?

That is an awfully broad generalization. There appear to be plenty who generate some form of income from the service while drawing a clear line between their professional and personal lives, without being profoundly hyperbolic or outright fake, or many of the other stereotypes propagated by the media. The media doesn't talk about them very much for pretty much the same reason that the media doesn't talk about office works very much: the mainstream media is based upon sensationalism, much like the YouTube superstars are. Those who operate YouTube channels as a small business or a supplementary source of income are not going to get the attention because they are simply trying to do their job.

Regardless of your personal opinions on YouTube, It's mostly all the kids are watching these days. The realness and closeness to the content creators is something Hollywood and mainstream cable can't provide. MTV Real World and Survivor seemed to kick start this average Joe celebrity type world we now live in.

Is it any worse than Tom Cruise and the like giving us political advice about who to vote for? I'll take YouTubers over Hollywood celebs any day.

and the worst part is that after the 5th literally in 2 sentences I closed the video.

Maybe I'm just that old guy screaming at the kids to get the hell off my lawn, but I found the communication style to be obnoxious.

I like to watch mindless things and giggle after a full day of working and frying my brain. Sometimes it isn't any deeper than that. I don't understand these misanthropic rants that come out of the HN crowd any time someone even half mentions YouTube.

I find this comment snobbish, arrogant and crass. I don't believe it belongs on HN.

In insulting other people lives and how they enjoy them, all you have shown is that you're an intolerant, elitist asshole.

The common factor in most of the jobs that post was about is that bullshit (lying) is so effective in their execution that the bullshitters tend to squeeze out the non-bullshitters very effectively, with some exceptions (...or are they exceptions? Who knows.) The lower your tolerance for "acceptable" self-interested lying the more likely you are to be grossed out by the whole online media/marketing career scene.

or ... you know ... they have an opinion.

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