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How this guy finds the time to work on these very different projects? Some of them require skills that are very specific, how can you pass from writing QEMU to TCC to the 4G station ... What does he do for living, how does he spend his free time?

Writing emulators, compilers, operating-systems, and codecs are all standard-skills of any low-level systems programmer. My entire team of 50+ people are capable of doing this stuff. The difference between us & Fabrice are: (1) we work for a major company & none of our stuff is publicly available; and, (2) he's still at least head-and-shoulders above most of the people doing this. He'd easily be in the top 5 for my team, and certainly better than of the kids under 40.

Dude is a goddamn genius.

He's a god amongst men.

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