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Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack with 13M daily users (theverge.com)
43 points by aristotle2 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Would be useful to note how many users of Teams do so, where their employer pays specifically for it. My guess is that most users of Teams are effectively corporate ‘Microsoft shops’ who effectively get Teams for free with their Office365 bundle.

Another useful statistic to ascertain: how many startups or small businesses use Slack compared to in large corporates?

I tried using Slack in my business and found it to be not as effective as Basecamp. Basecamp has very strong project management and communication features EXCEPT it is hard to order by priority if you have multiple users and multiple projects.

Also - Slack is WAY more expensive than Basecamp. I would pay $1,000+ per month for Slack vs the $100 something I am paying each month for Basecamp.

Yea. I have no problem (well, few problems) with the Slack product, but it’s way more expensive than its competitors.

Teams is such a step up from Lync/Skype For Business. The screen sharing and conference features are so much better and work well. I just wish my organization used it for more than IMing each other and actually messages in threads in teams.

The key difference is that an active user on Microsoft Teams is someone with an outlook mailbox, and an active user on Slack is someone who uses Slack

Are you claiming that microsoft counts "outlook daily active users" as "teams daily active users"? Cause the article specifies "daily active users", not "signed up" or anything like that.

They’re rebranding Skype for business as teams meetings, and pretty soon anyone who uses Office 365 for video calls for meetings will end up being counted as a teams user (even if they don’t sign in to teams or ever look at chat).

This isn’t too far off, although it’s new enough I doubt it has a massive impact on the 13m number.

That's not how it works.

That's not how it works to a reasonable person, but marketers can count however best suits them.

As long as they don't mind fighting with the SEC, sure.

As a former MSFT employee (on Azure), Teams daily active users are counted even when someone on Outlook hosts a meeting, which is automatically converted into a Teams meeting link. Therefore, unless an enterprise is still sticking with Skype, Teams users will automatically get trickled in from Outlook.

That would only be if they hosted an online meeting (an audio or video conference), not for any outlook meeting (i.e. a meeting booked with outlook doing scheduling, but meeting happening in a good old meeting room). And that is then comparable to slack video conferencing, so probably a fair comparison.

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