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I've tried Upwork in the past and the platform made me miserable.

I've been using Codementor for the last year or so and been very happy with them. For the past year I've worked for a US client and since a few weeks I work for an Australian client.

Why I like Codementor:

- The payments are done on time and they don't extract some platform fee as far as I know for the freelance jobs. Or it's invisible to me (perhaps more likely). What I ask per hour is what I get.

- There seems to be a decent amount of jobs available every month and not too many people respond to the same job as me at the same time. So there's a good chance that if I respond the job, I at least will be invited for a video call with the potential client.

- The rates on the platform seem decent (they advise setting somewhere between 40 - 80 USD, no race to the bottom imo). I'm based in Thailand, so these are rather nice rates for living here - I can save /a lot/ of money every month. My costs of living is currently around 1700 USD per month, everything above I can safe.

- I don't have to install software on my computer that spies on me to make sure I put in the proper amount of hours. And I actually tend to work more hours than I bill my clients, but I don't need software to keep me in check.

If you're charging $80/hour but then work more hours than you charge your effective hourly wage is less than $80/hour. This is an incredibly low wage (less than half) for typical web design work in my area (New England).

I guess it's all a matter of perspective. As stated earlier, in the Netherlands I worked as a freelancer for 70 EUR an hour (probably around 80 USD or so) and there it's not considered low. You'd probably be in the 10% highest earners in the country. And then I'd also probably lose ~35% of my income on income tax. Here in Thailand I pay pretty much no tax and cost of living is cheaper so for me this is a great improvement.

Oh, $80/hr is still well above the top 10% of earners in the US, it's just not very much for web design.

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