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Gaming is still better on Windows.

It's improved greatly with Steam's work on Proton, at a guess I'd say at least 75% of my library is now playable with no extra work from my side.

On Windows it's still 100% though.

I tried gaming on Linux awhile back, my biggest problem was how spotty the nVidia drivers are. I realise nVidia is mostly to blame here, but it's definitely still a problem that's preventing me from ever really being able to game on Linux (Ubuntu.)

With a goal of 1440p@144hz, and someone who appreciates visual fidelity, I own an RTX 2080 Ti, and there's just far too much of a performance penalty for linux gaming.

> I own an RTX 2080 Ti

Why did you buy that if you planned to game on Linux? I got a Vega 56 and it works great. Right now I'd opt for one of the newly released cards. With a Ryzen 3... AMD is back!

Maybe he does other stuff too. CUDA cores are worth their weight in gold and AMD has none. (Ryzen + RTX Titan user here)

It's not 100% anymore.

In fact, WINE supports packages that Windows no longer can.

Windows programs in general, or games available on Steam? Because I'm talking about the latter. As far as I know there are no games on Steam that won't run under Windows any more.

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